How to Make Your Own Magnetic Drainplugs

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Everyone generally agrees
that magnetic drainplugs are a good idea, but they are difficult to find
for our Corvette engines, and simply not available for our manual
transmissions. I found that you can easily create your own magnetic drain
plugs with just a few dollars in parts.
First go to radioshack and
get some small rare earth magnets (catalog number 64-1895). One package
has two magnets. Next either pull your current drain plugs out of your
engine and transmission, or stop by your Chevy dealer and buy some new
ones (I opted for the latter, as my current plugs were both slightly
Next, take the engine oil drain plug to a grinding wheel
and flatten out the top of it for the magnet to bond itself to. The manual
transmission drainplug will not require grinding.
Finally, mix up
a small batch of epoxy and glue the magnets to the drainplugs. Let them
set overnight and then install them.

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