How-To Spotlight: Plasti Dip Your Corvette Wheels

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So you want black rims but don’t have it in the budget? What options do you have? Ever heard of Plasti Dip?

You may not be aware of this, but Plasti Dip International was founded in 1972. Their original products were not marketed towards the automotive industry, though. Turns out that the aftermarket industry, tuners, and modders are the ones that came up with the idea of using the Plasti Dip product on cars, thus helping take the company and their product to the next level. Well, to say that that someone outside of the company came up with the idea probably is not 100% accurate, but it is safe to say that the public took it to the next level. So much so that people now Plasti Dip entire cars, not just rims.


But we are here to talk about rims, and what it takes to check off this modification to your Corvette. One of the best pieces of this product is that it is not permanent in any way. So if you were to go through the process of blacking out your rims, and change your mind in a day or two, you could simply remove it and go on with your life. Obviously if you were to drop some serious cash on new rims that you ended up not liking, you’d be out quite a bit of money, at least until you can find someone to take them off your hands.

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The popularity of black rims on the market right now is unmistakable. The industry caught up a few years ago and manufacturers now offer black rims as an optional upgrade for some makes and models. But if you bought some chrome rims and you want the black look, we have you covered with today’s How-To Spotlight article. With some time and attention to details, you will be rolling with the rim look you’ve been desiring. Just make sure to send us the before and after pictures!

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