How to refill the wiper fluid on a Corvette

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Refill Wiper Fluid on a Corvette

Of extreme importance is keeping your windshield washer reservoir
filled in your Corvette. All it takes is one episode of being unable to
wash away mud or slush thrown up against your windshield to put your
Corvette in danger. Being unable to see on the road in front of you is
not a pleasant experience.

Equipment Required

You will need a funnel, rag, and a gallon container of windshield
washer fluid. (Unless you live in a very cold climate where the
temperature consistently falls well below zero, windshield washer fluid
good to 20 below zero should be sufficient.)


1) Put your Corvette in Park (or first gear if you have a manual transmission), turn off the ignition, and remove the keys.

2) Reach under the dashboard and pull the hood-release lever.

3) Step outside the vehicle and pull the hood up to access the engine compartment.

4) Find the windshield washer reservoir located near the windshield on
the driver side of the motor compartment, directly in front of the
master cylinder and brake fluid reservoirs. The windshield washer
reservoir has a waterspout/windshield icon on the cap.

5) Remove the reservoir’s cap and place the small end of the funnel into the opening.

6) Remove the cap and safety membrane from the gallon of windshield
washer fluid. Pour the fluid into the funnel, filling the reservoir only
to three-quarters full; this allows room for expansion should the fluid
unintentionally freeze. Use your rag to wipe any spilled fluid from
around the reservoir.

7) Place the cap back on the gallon of washer fluid and store in a
handy place. Snap the cap back on the Corvette’s washer reservoir. Lower
the hood.

And with that, your Corvette should have wiper fluid that will be set for awhile.

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