How-To Spotlight: C5 Corvette Secrets

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Are There Really Any Secrets Left to Learn About the Famed C5 Corvette? Yes, in Fact, There Are

The fifth-generation Corvette, or C5, was released as a 1997 model. History may end up showing that this generation was the cause for a Corvette resurgence. As such, it may just be considered one of the most widely successful Corvette generations ever.

From that 1997 model through the end of the production in 2004, 248,715 C5 Corvettes were produced. One could argue that the C5 brought the Corvette back from the brink of irrelevance. The 6th-generation Corvette fell approximately 33,592 units short of the number of C5s produced. While the C4 Corvette produced approximately 117,500 more units, it also was in production for 13 years, compared to only eight for its younger brother.

C5 Corvette

There’s a point to all these numbers. Even though the C5 had a relatively short production run, it has truly become, and will continue to be, a collector’s favorite. So today’s How-To Spotlight shows us a few potential secrets to glean from the fifth-generation Corvette.

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To that end, the C5 Corvette introduced a lot of new tech and goodies not seen on the previous edition. There wasn’t much the C5 didn’t drastically improve upon over the C4. Unless Chevrolet simply changed it for the better. Clearly the styling difference between the two are night and day. And the performance and handling aren’t even close.

Of course, there will always be someone out there that does not like a particular Corvette generation, for some reason or another. It’s safe to say that most of it is personal opinion. However, one thing is almost universally agreed about the C5: it took the Corvette to the next level.

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