How-To Tuesday: Discovering the Secrets of the C6 Corvette

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yellow C6 squad

Last How-To Tuesday, we were unlocking the secrets of the C7 Corvette. This week? The C6 takes its turn. While the seventh generation Corvette still may have a bit of mystery still left to uncover, the C6 has long been out in the open. Only the best of the best kept secrets stay hidden for over 10 years. We are talking James Bond, Seal Team 6 level, not cracking under any pressure, secret keeping.

So you may be wondering, how is it that some word jockey was able to get such classified information? Well I can’t take the credit for it, but our How-To writers certainly can. This week’s How-To Tuesday¬†article¬†dives right in to the good stuff. The things that us mere mortals have not been able to uncover. It’s as if our writers have the ability to watch two movies at one time and figure out the plot differences, recite them, and then give you a detailed report, all without using notes.

So the big question is: are you still finding out tricks or hidden gems on your C6 Corvette? What else is out there to be found? Or has everything been discovered on the sixth generation? Only you can answer that question. So let us know. What secrets are you holding on to?

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