How-To Tuesday: Ceramic Brake Pads for the C6/C7 Corvette

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Most of you will likely never see your own rotors glowing red from heat being generated while trying to stop your car. Many of you may never actually see this on another person’s car even. But some of you sure have, if you live near a mountain range. Coming down steep hills, you’ll often see semi-drivers crawling in a mountain to avoid this from happening. Brakes can fail quickly under those circumstances. That’s what runaway ramps are for, hopefully you never have to use one for any reason.

This isn’t just a large truck issue though. The Park Rangers routinely stop cars coming down from the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado once they reach the bottom of the mountain. They take temperature readings of brakes and rotors. If they are too hot, the authorities won’t allow the vehicle to continue until they cool down to a safe range.

With all that said, most drivers never drive their Corvette to an extreme such as that. But still, most will have to someday replace their brake pads.

When it does come time for you to choose replacement brake pads, there are a lot of options on the market for ceramic break pads. Our writers in Corvette Forum‘s “How-To” section have come up with a great article that offers a few brands for you to consider. It’s called “C6 C7 Corvette: Ceramic Brake Pad Reviews,” and it’s well worth your time, especially if you’re on the hunt for new pads.

And if you think a brand should have been part of the review but wasn’t, please tell us who your go-to brake brand is and why.

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