How-To Tuesday: Corvette Big Brake Kit

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Big C5 brakes

I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard anyone say, “those stock brakes are good enough for me”. Okay, so maybe some of you that don’t like to drive fast, stop faster, or feel like you have more control while you are driving. I mean, who really likes those things anyways? I think I just saw a lot of you raise your hands. So you’re telling me that you drive a Corvette because you enjoy going fast, controlling the car while driving aggressively, and being able to stop on a dime. So for those of you that align yourself with the previous sentence, we have an article for you to read.

For those of you who raised your hand, who have yet to upgrade your brakes, do we have a great How-To Tuesday article for you this week. It goes into detail and even offers pictures of four different brake kits. This really is one of the better articles that you could ask for, with regards to details of product, pricing, and additional information. I would highly encourage you to read this article, even if you aren’t currently driving the fifth generation Corvette, brakes are one of the great things that can flow from year to year.

Have you swapped out your brakes? Let’s see those before and after pictures! What differences have you noticed since swapping yours out? Pros versus cons? Have you used one of the four products noted in the article? Let us hear from you.

Read the entire How-To Tuesday article. >>

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