How-To Tuesday: Corvette Tire Wear Patterns

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Worn tires are a fact of life. And Corvette tires wearing down can sometimes happen from more than simply seeing how hard you can press the accelerator towards the floor board. Tires can wear unevenly for many different reasons, so we’ve worked up a few ways to help you trouble shoot the wear pattern you are seeing on your Corvette’s tires.

You don’t need a high-performance sports car to see these types of issues either. This week’s How-To Tuesday article goes into depth on the various ways that a tire can wear incorrectly. Interestingly enough, there are many different wear patterns, and with a little bit of studying, you can find out the cause of your incorrect wear pattern and potentially determine how to rectify the issue at hand. Unfortunately, if you have not been paying close enough attention, you may be too late to save your current set of tires. That said, you should be able to then make the necessary adjustments to your car so as not to ruin the next set of tires.


The six tires shown above illustrate some of the more common wear patterns. I know that I’ve seen them, thankfully not on my car, but definitely on other cars. I’ll bet that if you take a peek around while at the next stop light, you may see one of them as well.

Let this be, hopefully, an advance warning to you. Pay heed to the tires that you are driving on, look for uneven wear patterns, and you may just save yourself quite a bit of money long term.

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