How-To Tuesday: Corvette Warning Lights Guide

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c5 warning

If you have been driving for just about any period of time, and have never been face to face with a warning indicator, consider yourself lucky. Actually, you should probably go play the lottery, because you’re on a winning streak. The Corvette is generally a very reliable car to own, but eventually you will get a warning light, and if you aren’t up to date on your codes or indicators, you might just be lost.

This is the part in the article where the people driving Corvettes without electronics start barking about the simplicity and ease of ownership of the classic cars. How having a computer just made the car more difficult to own, and harder to fix, and repair on your own, and yadda yadda yadda. All of these things may very well be true, however, that same technology made cars easier to drive, faster, and more reliable (to some degree).

c7 warning

Some indicators are fairly easy to understand based solely on the picture being shown, some not so much. Not long ago, the car might show you a code on the steering column, you would either need to have those codes memorized, or you needed help. Obviously, most people rely on digital options, aka the Internet, to help. But that’s also assuming that you have found the proper codes and that you are accessing them correctly.

So what other options are out there? Where that’s where this week’s How-To article comes into play. Not all the codes are readily available, but our writers have been able to help with some of the others.

One other little piece of advice. Most national chain stores have diagnostic computer readers on site and won’t charge you to have them hook up the code reader to your car to find out what’s ailing it.

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