How-To Tuesday: Lowering Your C5 Corvette

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First off, Corvette lowering modifications doesn’t mean lowering your standard of modification. Just figured some of you guys that came over from one of those Blue Oval forums may have been confused. The Corvette is already a lower vehicle than most.

Lowering it even more means different things to different people. So let’s start there. What options does a fifth generation Corvette owner have if they are looking to tackle this very specific task? Additionally, what benefits are there in doing this to your car? A good place to start answering these questions is with this week’s How-To Tuesday article.

Seriously, what’s the reason behind lowering an already low car? Turns out, there actually are a few reasons to do it. The first one — and I would venture to guess the most common — is the look. Granted, everyone has a preference; some really like the dropped look; others don’t. Either way, accomplishing this task does take some time and effort. Thankfully, our How-To writers know how to make all of this work take less time for you and me.

I would encourage you to read through the article. Making this adjustment to your Corvette does take some time and effort, but in the end, you may find the adjustment very rewarding.

Have you gone through these steps? Like it or leave it? Let us hear your story.

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