How-To Tuesday: Racing Your Corvette

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I have a hard time believing that if you own a Corvette that you have never wanted to race it. Granted, there are some garage babies out there that are kept at low mileage, low RPMs, etc. But it’s safe to say that most Corvettes are pushed from time to time. Maybe while passing another car, maybe off the stop light, or perhaps just opening it up on the open road. But what if you want to race your Corvette for real (aka legally)? What if you want to work through the gears on a legitimate track? Well, fortunately, this week’s How-To Tuesday article gives you the opportunity to check out a few styles of racing you can get into.


If you’re taking your stock Corvette to the track and you look across the way and see a C7.R like the one pictured above, you’re in for a show, and probably a proper butt-kicking on your end. Where you will see the C7.R is on a road track, and it’s one of the most popular forms of racing that novice drivers tend to start with.

The article goes into depth about that, as well as the other various forms of racing. So take a look to learn the nuances, and the differences between them. One of the styles will likely be best for you and your experience, as well as your Corvette.

What racing style did you begin with? Have you tried the other options? Any advice for a newby looking to start racing their Corvette? Let us hear from you.

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