How-To Tuesday: Removing Corvette Visor Labels

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corvette visor sticker removal

If you are anything like me, having any additional and unnecessary stickers on your Corvette can be maddening. This means the visor stickers as well. Granted they are there for a reason, but they are also extremely annoying to look at, in my opinion. So what can you do to get rid of these visor eye sores?

As usual, our Corvette Forum How-To writers have gone to great lengths to help you find an answer to the questions you are asking. This week’s How-To article is particularly great because it is not only simple, but also fairly quick to do. The cost is one of the cheaper options around for a slight modification to your Corvette. It’s also one of the easier changes that you can make to your car.

before after label

It may seem trivial to you but seeing the difference between the before and after picture of that visor makes me smile. It makes my partial-OCD challenge very happy.

bad job

Avoid the picture above by following the directions in the article. And let us know how it goes on the forum. Or if you’ve already taken on this minor project, please let us see the results.

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