How-To Tuesday: Secrets of the C7 Corvette

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The seventh generation Corvette has more to offer than amazing looks. It’s more than just the fastest production Corvette ever to roll off the assembly line. It’s more than the incredible handling, fit, finish, and astonishingly affordable power. There are, in fact, a few secrets it hasn’t given up yet. Ready to find what they are?

Let’s play a game. I’m going to write out three different secrets that the C7 has been hiding from you since its inception. Two of the secrets are completely false. One is absolutely true. You have to guess which one is a real secret and which is not. Sound good?

Secret number one: the C7 Corvette was produced with a power-by-wire system similar to those used in the current F-35 Lightening II, the stealth multirole fighter being flown by the United States Marine Corp.


Secret number two: the original design of the C7 Corvette called for a monitoring system that would help regulate excessive over-steer in the car during extreme situations. The system was designed to take manual control of the steering, should the car interpret that it was about to lose control and potentially crash.

Secret number three: at one point the design of the C7 Corvette included an all-wheel drive option similar to the Nissan GT-R. General Motors decided against this option, mainly because they didn’t want to be “completely unfair to the rest of the segment.”

So which secret is true and which one isn’t? You’re going to need to check out this week’s How-To article┬áin order to find out the answer. The funny thing is, in the end, do any of the three secrets listed above seem that far out of line?

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