How-To Tuesday: This Really Torque’s My Corvette

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Don’t ever let it be said that you cannot find relevant information about the Corvette on Corvette Forum, because¬†this week’s How-To Tuesday article¬†gives you every bit of necessary information on torque values of the C7 Corvette. It is essentially a massive, all-inclusive list of torque values.

For those of you looking to expand and work on your metric to English values, the list has you covered on that front as well. Or, of course, if you’re actively using the metric system and want to work on conversion to the English system, you’re all set!

Proper torque is very important. It really is the difference in life and death for your Corvette. Should you find yourself adjusting, or simply wanting to check to make sure items are properly secured, this is the article for you.

Oh, and how amazing does the Callaway Corvette look in the picture above? While I can’t be 100% sure, it appears this individual could be trying to use the rear wheels of his Corvette to draw two torque wrenches on the pavement. If anyone was there when this picture was taken, please feel free to let us know once the smell of burnt rubber and asphalt clears from your head. I would torque that Corvette all day long. On the track. You don’t even have to pay me. Who wants to come along?

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