Locked and Loaded: How to Turn Your C6 Corvette into a Track Weapon

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by Keith Cornett
Corvette Blogger

[VIDEO] How to Turn Your Corvette Z06 into a Track Weapon

If you’re thinking about making some upgrades to make your Corvette more competitive at the track, but don’t want to sacrifice your drivability on the street, check out this video from MTI Racing. MTI knows a thing or two about upgrading Corvettes for the track and this walk around shows how to turn your Corvette into a track weapon (I really like that phrase!).

The walk around shows a White C6 Corvette and starts with the brakes and wheel package. The brakes were upgraded to Brembo Gran Turismo and the lightweight wheels are from HRE. The engine was upgraded to MTI’s Stage 2 Extreme which boosts horsepower up to the 580 range at the tires and yet it is still very manageable for street driving. You will see the engine received long tube headers and a Callaway Honker cold air induction among the upgrades. This Corvette also has the PPG Transmission conversion that allows for clutch-less up-shifting as well as coil-overs and Pfadt Heavy Rate sway bars.

Every serious track Corvette needs a roll bar and MTI fabricated one for the rear of the car so you’re not trading safety for inconvenience when it comes to entering and exiting the vehicle. Standard racing seats with the 5-point harness were installed and MTI uses aircraft grade materials when manufacturing the seat rails. Outside, the Corvette has a large rear wing and a front splitter to create the down force needed to keep the wheels firmly planted to the track.

This Corvette was recently in Savannah for a track day and our presenter says that the modifications made to the Corvette will allow it run at nearly Grand Am speeds. If you decide to take the plunge and convert your Corvette into a track weapon, better get that shelf up in your garage or mancave because you’ll need it to hold your new trophies.

Would you be down to make these mods? Are they necessary? Head over to the Forum and sound off!

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