How To Wax your Corvette

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If you’ve just gotten a new Corvette, or just happen to realize
that your car needs a bit shine, then you may be wondering how to
properly wax that Corvette. Though you may think it would be a
complicated process, it is really easy and anyone can do it. There are
only two things you need, and that is towels and wax, but you need to
make sure you are properly prepared before you begin waxing.
Tools and Materials

Car wash kit-Bucket, mitt, high quality car washing compound and chamois fro drying.
Microfiber or cheesecloth towels
Wax-Turtle Wax or Meguiar’s is recommended
Step 1: Preparing your vehicle
First you need to make sure the car is completely and throroughly
clean, which means it has to be washed and completely dried. The best
place to wax your Corvette is going to be in a garage, and if you don’t
have one then keep in the shade.
Step 2: Applying the Wax
To begin the actual waxing you will want to work in small, two foot
by two foot sections, unless you’re working on the hood, then you can
go ahead and work on it by splitting the hood in half and doing one half
at a time. Use the pad given in the container of wax and use small,
light circular strokes to apply the product evenly along the surface you
wish to cover. You will only need around three to five pounds worth of
pressure when applying the wax. You don’t want to use too much wax. A
little goes a long way. Move along your car until you’ve covered every
Step 3: Removing the wax
In three to five minutes the wax will dry and give the car a dull,
almost dusty look. This is the time to remove the wax. You don’t want to
leave the wax on too long, so be sure to time yourself when you’ve
finished applying the wax and watch your car diligently. Lightly wipe
away the wax in a similar circular motion as the one you used to apply
it, but with a wider diameter to your strokes on one of the spots you
have waxed. Don’t rub too hard, just press down a small amount lighter
than you did to put the wax on. Have your towel folded, so you can use
one side to get rid of the mass amount of the product, and then shine it
completely clean with a new side. You may also want to keep more than
one towel on hand. When you feel the towel drag, making it harder to run
along the car surface then you know it is time to use a different side
because it is full of product. Turn the towel over, or grab another one,
and buff the spot to a shine. This will feel really smooth and easy to
move, as though the spot you’ve waxed is slippery.
Once all of this is done you will have a shiny, newly waxed car
that is ready to drive around. A properly applied coat of wax will
provide optimum protection for your Corvette’s finish.

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