Iconic ’88 Callaway Corvette Sledgehammer still up for Grabs

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Ever wonder what happened to that 1988 Callaway Corvette Sledgehammer that was predicted to go for up to $1 million at a Mecum auction earlier this year?

Well, it appears the car is still on the market if you’re looking to pick up another piece for your collection.

The high-powered ’88 Corvette, which cranks out a whopping 898 horsepower and has a top speed of 250 mph, remains listed as available on the Mecum.com site.

The car features a four-bolt Chevy small-block that was hand-built by Callaway. The mill incorporates Brodix aluminum heads, and twin turbochargers with matching intercoolers. Other modifications include lowered control-arm suspension to reduce the ride height by one inch, Koni shock absorbers, and 17-inch Dymag aluminum wheels wrapped in Goodyear high performance tires.

The specs have actually earned the car a spot in the Bloomington Gold Great Hall; an honor bestowed on only 50 Corvettes that are recognized as having “significantly influenced the Corvette Phenomenon,” as the organization puts it.

You’d think that alone would have bidders on the edges of their seats, but apparently the right buyer just hasn’t come across it yet.

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