If You Sold Your Corvette, What Would You Buy?

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We’re all dedicated to Corvettes here, but what if you had to give yours up? What would you buy instead?

You won’t hear any argument from us if you say you’re going to keep your Corvette for the rest of your life. This community is filled with the biggest Corvette enthusiasts in the world, so that’s a common sentiment. But occasionally, something else will catch your eye. It hurts to say, but we’ve all thought about leaving behind the greatest American sports car for something else.

In a recent Corvette Forum thread, senior member 1Willy1 admitted that he was considering selling his C5 Z06 and walking out of the Corvette fold and into the Dodge Viper Dark Side. His admission was equally honest and brave, considering this hardcore group, and it also served as a springboard for conversation.

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1Willy1 also wanted to know if other Corvette Forum┬ámembers had considered selling their Corvettes, and what they might purchase instead. We want to take things up a notch, so we created the poll below. If you were forced to sell your Corvette, and you couldn’t buy a different Corvette to replace it, what other car would fill that void in your garage? What could possibly take the place of your Corvette?

Would you run one of the mega-expensive, high-rev exotic cars from Italy — like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari? Some of the commenters on the aforementioned thread stated they were considering various German models, including BMW’s M3 and Porsche’s Cayman. Others stated they were more interested in driving something with pure speed and style, like a vintage roadster hot rod. For us, if we couldn’t have GM’s best sports car, we’d have to settle for GM’s second best sports car, the Camaro. What about you?

If you were to sell your Corvette, what would you buy?

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