Corvette Owners Poke Fun at Impounded Exotics

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Luckily Corvette motorists are wiser, and generally avoid engaging in risky driving behavior.

Driving a high-performance vehicle involves a great deal of responsibility. Whether it’s a powerful rear-wheel-drive ride like the mighty Corvette, or a pricey exotic like the Lamborghini Huracan, they all demand respect.

Furthermore, piloting one of these vehicles means you’ll be subject to higher scrutiny by the public, and of course, the law. Case in point: this hilarious Corvette Forum thread. It refers to several “exotic” rides that were recently impounded in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Why? “Stunt-driving,” or as we lamely call it in the States, reckless driving.

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Among the “exotic” cars (some shown in the Ontario policeman’s tweet above), really only a couple fit the bill. The rest look like washed up, old, wannabe high-end racers. The Huracan, GT-R, and Rolls-Royce surely are pleasing to the eye (though we don’t know about the tacky stickers), but the Benz, Porsche, and others are simply hideous.


It’s worth noting that Corvettes weren’t involved in this fiasco, and we’re wondering why that is. Is it that we Corvette drivers are older and wiser, and therefore stay out of trouble? Or is it because we just drive too slow? In our opinion, it’s a mix of the two. Plus, we know better than to hang out with cheesy, Fast and the Furious wannabes.

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