Incredible Hot Wheels Stunt Video Is What Dreams Are Made Of

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Living out those Hot Wheels dreams at 2500 fps.

When we were younger, there was nothing more fun than building insane Hot Wheels tracks and racing our favorite cars around them. Now a few enterprising YouTube creators have taken all our wild fever dreams and converted them into video format. The cars of our youth — the Mystery Machine, the A-Team van, and more — have all been collected to take part in the most action-packed Hot Wheels video we’ve ever seen. Michael Bay would be proud of the amount of explosions present in this wondrous film.

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The video is a little long at six minutes, but it features tons of stunts, wacky configurations, lots and lots of fire, and slow motion everywhere. The track is so elaborate, our brains can’t really process it. There are multiple jumps, splits, loops, and even a section that runs under water through clear tubes. It wouldn’t surprise us if there was 1000 feet of track used to make this whole thing. It goes down the stairs, through the yard, around the kitchen, and even over the roof.

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If there is anything you absolutely have to stay around for, make sure not to miss the mind-blowing helicopter jump at the end. It’s the best part of every epic 1980s’ action flick, all put together in one montage of radness. Enjoy.

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