Inexpensive DIY Corvette Sound Dampening

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Can Some Low-Cost Home Improvement Store Insulation Help With the Sound Dampening in Your Corvette?

Anyone who has spent long stints in a Corvette, especially past generations, has noticed quite a bit of road noise goes into the cabin. That’s not to mention heat entering through the center console tunnel. Corvette Forum member gpruitt54 noticed this too.

Gpruitt54 recently¬†asked if other owners had a budget-minded solution to help make his ride a bit more comfortable, from an “NVH” perspective. Lower cockpit noise will certainly help with driver fatigue, especially on long drives. And it could increase your happiness and willingness to drive your Corvette even more.

The very first response, from senior member StrangeLovesM6Vert, is an interesting idea. He posits using some home duct insulation material on the inside of the front wheel arches, to quiet things down a bit. It just takes a couple of rolls of duct insulation, plus some interior-batted fiberglass insulation to a few of the crevices. He claims the car is now much quieter to drive around.

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Other members recommended a product called Peel & Seal, which is tar-based. The general consensus is that if you’re in a wetter climate and drive your Corvette in the rain often, Peel & Seal works better than the duct insulation. The latter is made of open-cell foam and can absorb water.

For convertible and Fixed Roof Coupe C5 owners, a partition is recommended as one idea to reduce road noise. It separates the driver’s cabin from the resonating trunk and the rear wheel-well road noise.

If you have your own low-budget fixes for this issue, you can chime in on the thread yourself. While you’re there, you might learn a new tip or trick to reduce the noise in your Corvette.


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