Inside Line: C7 to Get a Seven Speed Stick!

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seven-speed.jpgby John Coyle
Corvette Forum

Earlier today, Inside Line tweeted this interesting tid-bit about the C7: “A trusted source tells us the C7 Corvette will be offered with a 7-speed manual gearbox. Yes, seven.”  If you’re counting, that’s a scant 103 characters?with spaces?but it feels like big news.

Porsche has dropped a seven-speed stick into its venerable 911, so it’s not like this is an unprecedented number of cogs for a sports car. Personally, I love the idea that manufacturers are still working on better standard transmissions, even as I wonder if it’s really necessary. The C6 is already rated at 26 MPG on the highway…

So what do you think? Do you believe Inside Line? Or is this just another rumor that we’ll see busted when the C7 debuts? Head over to the Forum and sound off!

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