Instagram Video Catches Corvette ZR1 vs. Z06 Battle

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ZR1 v C7 Z06 text

Well, Corvette Forum member, “Iker”, had to know that this thread would heat things up a bit here. Yup, it seems that even with all the brotherly love you tend to find in the Corvette family, there’s a bitter rivalry brewing in the house between fans of the new Z06 and those of the Corvette ZR1.

We going to Mexico boys!

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While I sincerely doubt it was intentional, Iker’s post here of three Instagram videos of a C6 Corvette ZR1 beating a C7 Z06 in a street race seems to have flamed the fires.

Round 2 C7Z vs ZR1

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Whether it’s questioning the skill level of the driver, or the comment posted by “PDCjonny” that reads, “Nothing says progress like being equal to or slower than a car from 2009,” (ouch) it’s a good indication that deciding whether the new Z06 is better than the ZR1 will probably forever be debated.

3 wide, ls9 vs ls3 vs lt4

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Chime in about this Corvette ZR1 vs. C7 Z06 battle on the forum. >>

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