Is This Chrome Wrap C7 Corvette Pretty Cool, or Just a Bit Too Much?

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Corvette Forum members have wide and diverse opinions on all things Corvette, which is why I need your help on this one. It’s a Z06, with a satin finish, red chrome wrap on the outside. That part, I like. Anything that shows off the nice lines and curves of a Corvette is a plus. However, there’s more than that. The red and white wheels, white pinstripe accents, and the lambo-style doors have me a bit torn.

Upon looking more closely, further details start to emerge. “Eyelids” on the headlights are an addition to the front, and red diffuser slats are found out back. Behind the red and white wheels are white calipers. Perhaps it is a good thing that we don’t get to see much of the inside, but that’s not the focus anyway.

We certainly have seen some pretty awful modifications done to Corvettes over the years. To the credit of this Corvette, it does seem to have had a quality job done on the wrap. Now the big question: how will you rate it?

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