Bertone Ramarro Gives C4 Corvette an Italian Twist

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There it is, “The 1984 Corvette Reimagined by Italy,” as Road & Track describes it in a recent headline to story about the Bertone Ramarro.

What? Never heard of it? Well, apparently, the car had quite a fan base back in the day.

Now, before anyone here starts bashing it as some ill-conceived Corvette knock-off, know this: The Ramarro actually paid homage to the American sports car in many regards. Created by the Italian team known as Bertone, the Ramarro’s chassis was a total derivative of the C4 Corvette. And the car was actually powered by an engine supplied to Bertone by Chevrolet, which played a role in the development of the Ramarro.

Of course, the Italian car’s design is a drastic departure from the C4 — and from any other Corvette we’ve seen over the years. But inside, a few Corvette clues remain, such as the stock digital instrument panel, the emergency brake handle on the left and the digital readout of the engine’s condition.

That said, we can’t wait to read some of the comments here about the 1984 Corvette reimagined by Italy.

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via [Road & Track]

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