C3 Corvette Turns to Toast After Four-Year Restoration

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Recently, we received the following email:

Dear Corvette Forum,

Just had a major burn in my 1970 vette. 2nd time out after 4 year resto

A guy filmed the action and he has put it to music for me. ( lucky me!) He
has posted it now on YouTube.

Thought your readers may be interested


As you can see in the terribly depressing yet somehow entertaining video below, there are a lot of songs to help highlight Wayne’s pain. But while YouTube notoriety may indeed help ease the pain, I thought a proper return message would also help…

Dear Wayne from Melbourne, Australia,

You didn’t deserve this. Hell, nobody really deserves to watch his or her car burn up in flames, but what you just went through sounds like a special type of torture, which we wouldn’t wish upon anybody. Four years ago, you took this baby into your arms with warm embrace and vowed to treat it with care. You took four years of your precious life restoring this beautiful 1970 Chevrolet Corvette, and it turned out wonderfully.

You told us this is only the second time that the car was brought out after restoration before it sparked up. This is a tragedy, and you are in our thoughts.


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Via [Wayne]

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