It’s Time for Some L88 Corvette Love

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1968 Chevrolet Corvette L88

If you’re a Corvette enthusiast (and it’s an easy guess that you are) then an L88 equipped Corvette is on your short list of cars you’d be happy to have in your garage. It’s the racing engine for the road, and while that’s a sometimes over-used phrase, in this instance, it’s wholly accurate.

A 427 big block was the foundation for the L88 motor, and from there it was built up into a 540-horsepower monster. Its 12.5:1 compression at the time was something you’d find in a racing engine, and that allowed it to use 103 octane racing fuel. Clearly this motor had one purpose only.

It’s also rare. Infinitely more rare than a C4 ZR-1, as just over 200 L88 Corvettes were ever made. Most of those were in the C3 body configuration, making it the most desirable of all C3s. That’s what happens when you loosen the reigns on your engineers and tell them to make power at any cost. That is a mission statement we can get behind. A big contrast to that is┬áthe miserable L48, with only 195 horsepower. Makes you thankful for the L88, doesn’t it?

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