Jalopnik Says This the C7 Corvette in ZR1 Trim

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by John Coyle
Corvette Forum

Wow. Sometime over the weekend, Jalopnik Editor-in-Chief Ray Wert apparently got a look at the C7. A post last night seemed to imply we’d be seeing photos at noon today, but instead we got a pair of renderings and this statement:

“None of our sources were willing to go on the record or allow me to run their name for fear they might lose their jobs. That’s also why I’m showing renderings rather than actual photos ? I don’t care if it might cast doubt on the veracity of the styling ? but I didn’t want anyone losing their job over this.”

Since the images went live we’ve seen a denial on the General’s Facebook page, along with assertions from Jalopnik that these drawings show the real deal. And for the record, while I can’t even comprehend the magnitude of the screw up that lead to this leak, I think they are.

I’ve met Ray Wert a couple of times, and my last company had a loose working relationship with Jalopnik. To me, he always seemed like a stand-up guy. Also, none of the other big blogs have mentioned the story, which makes me think they might be getting some pressure from the General to stay quiet.

As far as the looks of the car, I’m a little underwhelmed. First, it’s got Camaro tail lights, and second, from these pics, it looks like another subtle evolution instead of the “much bolder and more dramatic design” we were promised. And I think the windows in the rear quarter, while cool, make it look a little too much like Ferrari’s 599. But you know what they say about opinions. Click on an image below to go to our gallery, and stay tuned for more fall out…

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