Jay Leno Takes on IHRA Champion in a C6 Corvette

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Never, ever doubt what a Corvette will drive a person to do.

The sense of power one feels behind the wheel of THE American sports car can often lead a person to try some pretty crazy things. And apparently, not even one of the more astute car lovers, Jay Leno, is immune to the effects that one often gets when in the driver’s seat of a Corvette.

That certainly would explain why the celebrity car buff would try to take on a fire-breathing IHRA Jet Dragster (driven by Elaine Larson) in a C6, as teased in the Jay Leno’s Garage tweet below.

Leno does, however, finally come to the realization that the idea is insane. Unfortunately, that’s right before the race.

“I’m going to get killed. This is so ridiculous,” says Leno in the clip.

Even after being given a huge head start, it very quickly becomes clear that the C6 is no match for the dragster. But it certainly is fun to watch.

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Via [GM Authority]

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