Jay Leno Test Drives 757-HP Callaway AeroWagon

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Jay Leno Shows off All the Goods on Callaway’s Custom C7 Conversion

That hot Callaway C7 AeroWagon that everyone’s been raving about just got another huge stamp of approval.

Of course, we can’t recall Jay Leno ever featuring a Corvette on his show, Jay Leno’s Garage, that he didn’t like. Or really any other car for that matter.


It’s clear, however, that when it comes to this Callaway shooting brake conversion, Leno is genuinely impressed. Of course it certainly adds to the excitement having Callaway founder Reeves Callaway and his son Peter on hand to help point out the car’s unique features.

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One of the things that seems to impress Leno most is the factory-like quality of the Callaway AeroWagon. The Callaway team is quick to note that’s due to the detail and testing involved in creating the shooting brake. In fact, as Peter points out, there’s a lot that goes into creating the custom C7, which is an important part of the Callaway brand.

For example, unlike a lot of custom-built cars, the Callaway AeroWagon conversion still falls under the factory warranty for the Corvette.

“That’s one thing that really separates Callaway from anyone else,” says Peter. “And that goes back to the eighties, when we were working with Chevrolet on the twin-turbo Corvette. We’ve maintained the warranty relationship with them.”

Another point of great interest to Leno is the AeroWagon’s custom supercharger, which helps the car put out 757 horsepower and 777 pound-feet of torque. But we’ll leave it to the video above to give you a better feel for its impressive features.

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