JDP Motorsports Settles Camaro SS Versus C7 Corvette Power Bets

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6th generation camaro vs c7 corvette

Here it is… the final word on the power war between the new Camaro SS and the C7 Corvette, once and for all.

I imagine if you own one of the new Corvettes, the settling of this issue is something that you’ve been waiting a while for. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that you’ll like the results.

While both cars are equipped with the LT1 V8 engine, it appears that the Camaro makes more power than the C7 Corvette, according to a GM Authority  report.

As you can see in the video below, in a recent dyno test conducted by JDP Motorsports a manual Camaro SS put down 421.48 horsepower and 427.80 lb-ft. The manual C7 came in at 417.49 horsepower and 418.49 lb-ft.

The guys at GM Authority, however, raise an interesting question: does the six-speed manual in the Camaro SS transmit power more efficiently than that of the seven-speed manual equipped in the C7?

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Via [JDPMotorsportsGM Authority]

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