Jeep-Bodied C5 Corvette Z06 is One Hot Mess

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Jeep-Bodied Corvette Z06

We don’t know why someone would want a Corvette Z06 with a pink Jeep body, but one exists.

While searching for C5 Corvette Z06 listings on Craigslist, we came across the monstrosity shown here. Craigslist and the internet as a whole are both chock full of projects that are guaranteed to end in something that no normal person would want to be seen driving in, but this might be the worst we have seen.

Someone took a C5 Corvette Z06 chassis and cobbled together a customized body from a Jeep CJ to create what we guess would be a rat rod. Whatever you want to call this project-in-progress, it’s awful and it doesn’t seem that any amount of customization work is going to transform this hot mess into an attractive street machine.

Jeep Corvette Z06 Driver's Side

The Sale Listing

We have included the text from the Craigslist ad for this Corvette Z06 with a Jeep CJ body below for your entertainment. It should be noted that the seller is asking $4,500 for what you see here.

“Rolling Chassis with 36k miles on it, plus Jeep body parts. No motor. No time to finish project, was running and rolling a month ago. Has ZO6 seats, dash, counsel, carpet, rims, title. T56 6speed trans and torque tube. Don’t ask for the motor I put it in my ’01; we can package deal that in if you want for 25k plus some other stuff to make both working.”

Jeep Corvette Z06 Front and Rear

So, for $4,500, you get the chassis of a C5 Corvette Z06, the interior, the wheels, the transmission and the torque tube. You don’t get the engine, unless you want to spend an additional $20,000 for whatever other project car the seller has on hand. Mind you, for $25,000, you are buying two cars that have been modified by whoever built the Jeep Corvette Z06 shown here.

It seems like a risky proposal, unless you are looking to pay $25,000 for what might be two big piles of parts.

What To Do?

So, if you ever dreamed of having a Corvette Z06 with a mangled Jeep CJ body, you are only $4,500 away from having a decent starting point vehicle. The body appears to have been modified a bit already, so you will only need to find an engine, put the drivetrain together and finish the Jeep body conversion and you will have what is most likely the most unusual Corvette at any car show.

Jeep Corvette Z06 Passenger's Side

On the other hand, a Corvette lover with some money to burn could buy this project, sell the Jeep parts to a Jeep fan and use the Z06 parts to build something that makes more sense. More importantly, the buyer in this scenario could prevent this monstrosity from ever seeing the light of day.

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