Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the A8 Z07 Corvette Z06

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Jeremy Clarkson may not be making Top Gear anymore, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still dealing with cars. The prolific writer and TV personality has recently spent time with a Corvette Z06, equipped with the Z07 package and the new eight-speed automatic transmission, and he wrote a review for The Sunday Times. True to his reputation and style, the piece is full of colorful anecdotes, interesting observation, and that touch of cutting wit that no one else can quite seem to equal.

Sadly, he isn’t completely sold on the machine. He loves the C7 Stingray, but Clarkson thinks the Z06’s steering is too sensitive, the power is a bit unmanageable, and he doesn’t like the eight-speed automatic. If these criticisms sound familiar, it’s almost the same thing he said about the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta he drove on Top Gear, that it would be better with slower steering, a touch less power, and a proper manual. I don’t know about you, but being put in the same maniacal league of speed as the Ferrari F12 seems like solid praise to me.

In all truth, Clarkson is a bit brutal, but he is honest. He may not like the Z06 as much as the base Stingray, but his complaints are acknowledged clearly and accurately, and it’s hard to ask for much more than that in a review.

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