Jeremy Clarkson Slams Manual Gearboxes

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The world’s favorite gearhead and automotive hooligan has single-handedly upset most automotive enthusiasts with one simple phrase: “Why would anyone buy a car with a manual transmission?”

That was really a comment made recently by Jeremy Clarkson while discussing modern technology in today’s cars. While such a comment would most likely be ignored if said by the rest of the world’s population, it created serious uproar coming from the most recognized automotive TV host ever.

While it’s understandable that enthusiasts prefer a traditional stick and clutch transmission, the question is no longer if one should prefer one transmission over another because of personal taste, but whether that person focuses more on the driving experience or lap times and speed.

Once upon a time, manual transmissions offered faster and more manageable shifts, which made them perfect for the track. But today’s dual clutch transmissions are faster, more reliable, and much more precise than humans — and can therefore render faster lap and 0 to 60 mph times.

In many ways, Clarkson is right, why would anyone buy a car (even a performance one) with a manual transmission?

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