Car-Loving Couple Culls Classic Corvette Collection

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We pick our top five favorite ‘Vettes from their ‘Jerry and June Smith No Reserve Collection Sale.’

You’d have to be pretty lucky to fall in love with someone who shares your passion for cars, but that’s just what happened to Jerry & June Smith. They both love cool cars, and they’ve spent the better part of their life collecting them.

Now, the couple has begun to sell off some of their fleet at the Jerry and June Smith No Reserve Collection Sale. Among the offerings are some seriously cool Corvettes, and we decided to pick five of our favorites and showcase them here.

1963 Chevrolet Corvette

First up is this gorgeous red and white 1963 Corvette convertible. It’s a classic color combination for sure, and the knock-off wheel spinners definitely do it for us. This one’s a 327/4-speed car that was subject to a five-year, frame-off restoration. While we wish it were a split window, we certainly wouldn’t kick it out of the garage for leaking oil.

1962 Chevrolet Corvette

Going back one year to 1962, this final-year C1 looks simply terrific in all black. We’re okay with the larger Torq-Thrust-style wheels and red line tires — we think it makes the car look like a Hot Wheels car for grown-up kids. What we like even better, though, is the LS6/5-speed manual combo hiding under that narrow hood. Sure, it’s not original, but a little extra horsepower (or a lot) never bothered us much.

1972 Chevrolet Corvette

So far, we’ve got a C1 Corvette convertible and a C2 Corvette convertible. I’m sure you can guess where we’re going next. That’s right, a C3 convertible! Who doesn’t love these? While the C3 stayed in production for some 14 years, the convertible stuck around for only half of them, and that’s a shame. This deep blue over black example sports the venerable 350/automatic combo, perfect for summer cruising.

1961 Chevrolet Corvette

Let’s say you bought that LS-powered C1 above, and you’ve got a buddy who’s jealous. This 1961 is rocking a similar setup with modern EFI power. While this features the less-powerful LS1 engine from a C5 Corvette, it’s also got a T56 six-speed transmission to boot, which is a nice bonus. It’s also red over red with white side coves, a classic Corvette color combo if there ever was one.

1959 Chevrolet Corvette

Lastly, we’re going to have to pick one more C1. This beautiful two-tone silver/white over red ’59 Corvette has to have one of the classiest color combinations in Corvette history. Also, unlike the other two, it’s 100% stock, with a 283 and a four-speed. If you like your early Corvettes original and unmolested, this would be the one to have. Us? We’d happily line up all three in our dream garage.

With all of these Corvettes being offered with no reserve, each one will be making its way home to a new owner no matter what. While we’re a bit sad that our dream C1 family is getting broken up, we’re sure they will all find great new homes.

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