Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Fallon Take a ’56 Corvette for a Spin

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Jerry Seinfeld’s most recent edition of his highly enjoyable web show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features a 1956 Corvette convertible. While the whole episode is entertaining, the cascade green “essence of American futuristic positivism” alone makes the 17-minute plus video clip worth watching.

Well, at least the first eight minutes or so of the episode, considering the rest of show features some imported SUV that is about as stark of a contrast to our American icon as bird watching is to skydiving out of airplanes.

But I guess that is one of the draws of Mr. Seinfeld’s show: You just never know what he’s going to show up in when he picks up his next celebrity passenger.

The guest for this episode is Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, who I find pretty damn funny. But honestly, just seeing the glamour shots of this classic beauty cruising the street to the sounds of the theme music  in the first minute or so is worth the click.

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