JFK, a 427 Corvette Convertible, and ‘Murica (or ‘Merica)

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C7-Corvette-Stingray-with-American-Flag-Front-Wheel-Drive-Meme with Combustion Chamber

Take one well edited video of a Corvette 427 Collector’s Edition Convertible, mix it with some dramatic music and one of the best speeches to come from the lips of the great President John F. Kennedy, and the result is a stunning and spine-tingling homage to America and its great history of engineering excellence.

While the video below made everyone in the office feel incredibly patriotic, and we all wanted to go do burnouts and light fireworks, the video also created a bit of an argument. The video is titled “MERICA!!,” but I think that the true spelling should be ‘Murica, with a “u” and not an “e.” Seems like it’s high time once again for a trademark Corvette Forum Poll of Awesomeness.

After you vote, don’t forget to rewatch this insanely good video about a dozen more times. Every Hour. It really is that good.

Merica! vs. Murica!

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