Joe Biden Does a Burnout in His Vintage Corvette

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Being the Vice President of the United States is a serious job, so it’s natural to let off a little steam once and a while. Well, how about burning rubber instead of steam?


That’s exactly what Old Joe Biden did the second he started up his lovely 1967 Corvette Stingray on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. Even though the secret service doesn’t allow the No. 2 to operate a motor vehicle, even if it’s his own. Talk about part of being Vice President that kind of sucks.


However, for the third time in seven years, thanks to Leno, Biden was able to get behind the wheel of his lovely ‘Vette, which was originally a wedding gift from Biden’s father, 49-years ago. Biden claims that he “buried it” up to 160 miles per hour when he was younger. Way to go Joe!

Recently, both of Biden’s sons rebuilt the engine as a Christmas present to Pops. So maybe Biden will be doing more burnouts coming up in January, when he’ll have a little more time on his hands.

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