Joe Biden’s ’67 Stingray Battles Colin Powell’s C7 in a Political Corvette Showdown

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There’s nothing like a friendly Corvette drag race among friends to ease some of the political tensions in the air.

That idea especially rings true if it involves a showdown between a ’67 Stingray and a C7 driven by Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, respectively.

The race between the two influential political figures was filmed as part of an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, as highlighted in a CNBC report. The 1:37 video tease below doesn’t really provide viewers with a clear indication of who actually wins the race, but it does appear that Biden’s decision to take Powell up on a head start gives the VP a considerable advantage down the stretch.

That said, the one thing that does comes through crystal clear in the clip is that Biden and Powell both share a deep passion for Corvettes, as their both longtime owners of the American sports car.

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Via [CNBC]

Photo [Jalopnik]

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