John Hennessey Hammers 1,000-HP Corvette Z06

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“If You Put This Car up Against a Porsche 918 From a Roll, It Would Run Even With It. Might Be a Little Bit Quicker.” — John Hennessey

When Hennessey aims for power numbers these days, anything shy of four digits is a disappointment. As such, this “HPE1000” package Z06 is one fast machine. But as you can see from the video above, it’s also content to putter along at idle. And it doesn’t seem to have the driveability problems normally associated with high-horsepower builds. If you want a Corvette that will embarrass any Hellcat, and even hang tough with some hypercars, this Hennessey may be your perfect poison.

HPE1000 Z06

The HPE1000 package basically tears your Z06 apart and completely rebuilds it from the ground up. That includes a larger 4-inch stroker crankshaft (for a 416-ci displacement), forged 10:1 pistons, custom CNC ported cylinder heads, lightweight valvetrain components, and heavy duty ARP fasteners. After the engine is assembled again, a higher-flow supercharger is fitted with an “extreme duty” intercooler system for more forced induction pressure and colder air. The exhaust gasses are handled by a set of long-tube headers, a stainless mid-pipe, and high-flow catalysts. Each car is specially dyno calibrated for maximum power, without sacrificing driveability.

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Whether your Z06 is an automatic or a stick, Hennessey can transform it into a 1000-horsepower, fire-breathing monster. However, the automatics do require a rebuild with strengthened internals to handle the extra power, which, of course, is an extra charge. The fact that all of this power comes with a warranty, however, is the part that strikes our fancy. 12,000 miles and one year of coverage is included with the 1,000 horsepower engine package. Where do we sign up?

What do you think? Is your Z06 powerful enough as is, or do you really need to see those four digits on the dyno graph? Chime in on the forum.

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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