Ride Shotgun with John Hennessey in the Supercharged HPE700 C7 Corvette

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Hennessey HPE 700 Corvette Burnout
If you’ve got about three minutes to spare, this clip is certainly time well spent for any Corvette fan.

Hell, I’m betting just about any fan of sports cars will enjoy this one.

Then again, I’ve grown kind of partial to the videos that the guys at Hennessey Performance put out showcasing the company’s Corvette upgrades.  Maybe it’s that they always leave me dreaming of sitting in the driver’s seat or wanting to ride shotgun.

This particular clip features John Hennessey himself giving a rundown on the specs for the HPE 700 package engineered for the C7. Hennessey then opens it up on the road so we can get a real sense of his team’s performance skills at work.

Just wait until you hear each one of those 707 supercharged ponies revving at about the 1:17 mark and you’ll see what I mean.

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