Joyrider Wrecks Woman’s Corvette Days Before Christmas

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Imagine waking up and finding your Corvette in this state after some jerk decided to take it for a joyride. Now imagine waking up just a couple of days before Christmas to find your hallowed ‘Vette like this.

Yup, that would certainly put a damper on anyone’s holiday.

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About the only good news to come out of this story is that nobody was injured after 39-year-old Oulton A. Hues Jr. decided take someone else’s 1996 Corvette for a joyride at Katama airfield on Martha’s Vineyard, according to a report.

After fleeing the scene, Hues wound up admitting to police that he lost control of the car and collided with a fence while speeding.

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It’s a little unclear if Hues is actually related to the owner of the Corvette, but it is clear that the joyride seems to have earned him a few well-deserved charges, including leaving the scene of property damage, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and speeding.

I’m sure I join every other Corvette fan in saying that’s a Christmas gift well-deserved, Mr. Hues.

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