July 1st Is National Drive Your Corvette to Work Day

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corvette to work day

A few days before America’s birthday comes another special event for patriots and American sports car enthusiasts: National Drive Your Corvette to Work Day. Unlike other special work days that have you take your children to work, this one does not discriminate if you have a son or daughter. And in that instance the true enthusiast still has a bit of “babysitting” to be done, even if their ‘Vette is sitting at home.

The history of this driving your ‘Vette to work tradition all got started over a decade ago, with the Friday closest to June 30th being the dedicated calendar date. June 30th is special for Corvette enthusiasts, because it marks day number one for Corvette production. This year the Friday that falls closest happens to be Friday, July 1st.

As a relief, that day is scheduled near the first day of summer, when the entire country doesn’t have to worry about driving in snow. The only thing to worry about is a sudden rain storm to mess up the fresh wax you just applied. Let’s hope for a day of blue skies, followed by a long weekend full of them to celebrate America’s independence!

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