Keeping Coolant and Radiator Free of Corrosion

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While I think that we all pretty much understand the make up/qualities
of antifreeze or coolant it is more important than ever to be able to
judge the condition of that liquid in our cooling systems. Scale and
deposits can eat away at our metal parts especially aluminum. How can we,
inexpensively monitor the condition of our coolant I\’d always wondered
until I saw this neat tip that I thought I\’d share. Whether it is
Green, Red, blue or some other color you can easily check it without
anything more than digital volt-ohmeter. Simply attach the positive lead
to the metal part of the radiator(I wedge it carefully into the fins to
hold it) and the negative probe into the coolant itself. A voltage reading
of .2 volts is considered good and a reading of .5 volts should be
considered marginal. If you are above .7 volts your coolant has failed and
you should flush and clean your system right away! This works surprising
well and is so easy to do. I\’m not completely comfortable with some of
the 5 year claims about coolant life and am changing the coolant utilizing
this method without worry as there is no guesswork. Try it! Streetrod

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