Killer Corvette Trio Dominates the Streets of Texas

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Three boosted Corvettes head down to Texas, er, Mexico to take on all comers and walk away mostly victorious.

Here at Corvette Forum, we don’t exactly advocate street racing. And yet, this age-old practice rages on, more popular than ever. While we’d rather see these incredible builds duke it out in the safe confines of a closed track, we can’t help but appreciate the things they’re able to do on regular old roads. And in the case of this video from Shots By Jacob, we get to see more than one Corvette rip up the streets of Texas, dominating everything in their path.

It all starts off with a 900 horsepower, F1A Procharged Corvette “camera car” taking on a turbo’d Camaro. Things are pretty even from a rolling start, but the Corvette soon walks away from the Camaro with no problem. It doesn’t fare quite as well against a 1,200+ horsepower Cadillac CTS-V, however. In all fairness, the Caddy leaves early on the first pass. The second go-round is much closer, though the ‘Vette still falls behind on the top end.

Corvette Street Racing

Our camera car also suffers from a little Corvette-on-Corvette violence when it’s taken down by an F1X-charged twin. But it does manage to slay a twin-turbo Mustang after the Ford blows the rear tires off. The action wraps up with another ‘Vette camera car running a pair of tight races against another CTS-V.

Corvette Street Racing

All-in-all, some pretty solid action. And just more proof that with a little boost and the right driver, any ‘Vette is a formidable foe in a little roll racing. Even if the venue isn’t exactly what we’d call legal!

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