King of the Hill: Late Model Racecraft’s 1,100 HP Stingray

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Well, it certainly didn’t take long for tuners to start filling the cylinders of the new C7 with boost. What I didn’t expect was the speed at which this would turn into a full blown horsepower arms-race. Just a few days ago, Vengeance Racing pushed their C7 past the 1000 whp mark. Late Model Racecraft have been at work tuning the thing since it’s been out with superchargers and the like. Finally though, they’ve gotten a twin-turbo C7 on the dyno… And man does it rip.

So far, this is the most powerful C7 on the road anywhere. It’s powerband maxes out at 1121 horsepower and an insane 992 lb-ft of torque. Yikes.

They used nitrous on this run, but they’re planning on making over 1000 rwhp on boost alone soon. Knowing LMR, they’re likely going to spray some more nitrous on top of that. TX2K14 might be over, but I’m thinking these guys have other races in mind. Beeville, Texas is looking mighty nice this time of year

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