Kitten Goes for 180-Mile Ride Under the Hood of a C5 Corvette

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Kitten Goes for 180-Mile Ride Under the Hood of Chevy Corvette

We’ve all heard about kiddie rides at the fair.

Well, how about “kitty rides?”

We’ve found one of those stories that just begs for puns like that. Here’s another obvious one: This guy’s Corvette was really purring like a kitten. Or how about: Was she just “cat on a hot tin (fiberglass?) hood?” Okay, okay, we’ll stop, but we couldn’t resist.

Let us explain. It seems that a man recently drove his 2007 Corvette from New Orleans to Memphis and kept hearing an unusual noise coming from underneath the hood.

He finally figured out just what was going on after taking the car to a dealership in Mississippi, where they discovered that a six-week-old kitten had apparently hitchhiked 180 miles? wedged into the engine bay!
WAPT-TV in Jackson, Miss., brought the story to light, reporting that mechanics at Howard Wilson Dodge in Flowood, Miss., saw the kitten peeking out once they opened the door and raised the hood. But it seems she was stuck in the fender well so they had to remove the front fender to get the little critter out.

After doing a story earlier this year about how two British guys had cooked a meal under the hood of a C6, we’re just glad this story had a happy ending. Apparently, the little kitty was none the worse for the trip, other than being a little dehydrated.

Experts say that animals love to climb into engine compartments to stay warm and suggest that folks living with outdoor cats and cars might want to honk their horns before driving off. In this case, we wonder if the cat would still have been trapped since there’s not much room under the hood of a Corvette.

Anyway, the Corvette owner didn’t want to keep his new furry friend, so the local animal shelter agreed to offer her for adoption.

Her new name, by the way, is Gigi, short for Gloria Gaynor, who’s best known for her disco smash, “I Will Survive.”

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