Knock-Off Wheels and Repairs: Are They Ever a Good Combo?

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Whacking a pothole is never fun, but if you dare to run knock-off rims, would you repair or replace?

We have a question for some of you, based on a recent post on our forum. But bear with us, because it has a few dimensions. The story starts with forum member egp, who whacked a pothole. At the time, he was using Chinese knock-off rims, and was wondering if it was worth repairing them.

Rewinding a bit, his use of knock-off wheels was strictly because the Corvette was being used in the winter. Fake wheels often aren’t built to the same standards as OEM rims, but is their use permissible in winter applications?

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Damage to this wheel is pretty substantial. Amazingly, it didn’t unseat or lose any air. We’ve seen smaller hits cause a complete loss of air. And we’ve seen wheels crack from smaller hits, too. Egp should buy a lotto ticket and see if his luck will last.

Metal gets compromised once damage is done to a wheel, regardless if it is cheap or otherwise. A repair certainly could take place, but is it really worth it for a cheap rim?

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