KONI Rolls Out New Corvette Suspension Kits at SEMA

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Chevrolet Corvette at OC Auto Show (2)

When it comes to performance, anything that’ll give you an edge is, at a minimum, worth considering.

Take for example, the new suspension system kits by KONI, unveiled at this year’s SEMA show, which the company says will help drastically improve your Corvette’s performance capabilities.

Available in both an entry level and more advanced performance application, KONI says the aftermarket kits are specifically aimed at enthusiasts seeking improved road handling, maximum agility, and ultimate turnability.

Each of the two kits (the KONI STR.T 1125 and KONI Sport 1145) come complete with four KONI high-performance shocks and struts and four Eibach Pro-Kit Springs tuned for optimal performance on the road and track.

KONI says the kits will also give your ‘Vette a lower profile with body lowering up to 40 millimeters, which is one of those added benefits that makes the mod even more appealing.

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