Krider Racing Fights 100-Degree Heat to Win Corvette Challenge

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Hats off to the guys at Krider Racing for their recent victory in the Speed Ventures Corvette Challenge.

The team not only outran a slew of other Corvettes in their 505-horsepower Z06 to win the California race, but also they managed to endure the blistering heat, which at one point got up to 105 degrees, according to a Napa Valley Register report.

Rob Krider, who split driving time with Keith Kramer in the race, wound up winning the Modified Class by over three seconds.

However, pulling it off wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, explains Kramer.

“We had to get the setup right, try to keep the car cool, manage race traffic and try to get a quick lap in,” said Kramer. “That can be a tall order.”

I’d say. Dealing with 100-degree weather on a twisty three-mile road course hardly sounds like a walk in the park even if you are driving a Corvette.

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